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CD Review: Brute Forcz’ Self Titled EP

Posted By James Walsh on 07/23/16

Brute Forcz were wrestlers in the Global Wrestling Federation, Memphis Wrestling, and beyond. Their characters were of heavy metal guys who happened to wrestle. The brother duo came close to capturing tag team gold in the red ringed Sportatorium before a change of promoter ended that.

Fast forward about 25 years and Brute Forcz is still a force to be reckoned with. Now, Slammer and Jammer aren’t wrestlers playing heavy metal musicians, they’re former wrestlers who ARE heavy metal musicians! And, they’re better at it than you’d expect. Actually, way better.

Their latest CD is out now through Sliptrick Records. The 4 song EP is an aggressive hard rock collection that hits you square in the teeth with … Well, with brute force!

The video put out and promoted by Sliptrick is a lyric video for the song “Phat Ass Girl”. While the video is interesting, to say the least, I don’t think the song was the right call to appeal to a potentially skeptical hard rock audience. If I were in charge, I’d have put out a video for Death is the Devil. To me, this is the best track on the EP.

Ain’t Gonna Tear Me Down is a hard hitting track that almost could have been on an early 80’s hard rock album such as Ratt’s debut EP with, obviously, a very different vocal approach. The melody of it almost has a Barracuda (Heart) feel at times. Of course, once again, with a very different approach both musically and vocally.

Jammer, the vocalist for Brute Forcz, is somewhere between Lemmy and Dr. Teeth of the Electric Mayhem from the Muppets. Saying that might get me slugged by the former wrestler but I’m going to stick with it as it isn’t meant to be insulting. A somewhat growl voice that might catch you off guard at first but grows on you as you listen to the material. The rest of the band, including the drummer Slammer, provides a great driving sound with some wicked guitar work as well.

Brute Forcz is a throwback to a Motorhead style of hard rock and heavy metal with a different vocal approach and a whole lot of leads and hooks. While not a polished sing-song chorus band like some of my favorite 21st century bands (Crazy Lixx, Airbourne), the Brute Forcz sound is catchy hard hitting rock that acts as a great bridge between the overly heavy metal of the modern era that often sounds the same and is difficult to distinguish from everything else and the before mentioned melodic hard rock that is ruling the roost in countries such as Sweden presently.

Long explanation short, the EP is better than even I expected. Check it out on Amazon or ITunes!