EP Review from Merchants of Air



Well, time for some good old school fashioned heavy metal, the kind I haven’t really heard since the eighties or early nineties, when I was rocking along with the intro-music by a number of wrestlers. There they were, with their larger-than-life personas and their blasting heavy metal music, running towards the ring to beat each other’s asses. Those were the days, and those wrestlers actually inspired me to grow my hair.

That wrestling-paragraph was not coincidental since I’m currently listening to two wrestlers and an ex-Dio guitarist. Brute Forcz was formed by Slammer and Jammer in 2010 and released a full-length ‘Out For Blood’ in 2012. Then, a number of setbacks followed, including injuries, financial problems, departures and even death. But now, the trio is back with their “kick-ass” heavy metal, planning a stranglehold on audiences far and wide.

The four songs on this ep are vintage heavy metal songs, obviously inspired by bands like W.A.S.P., Motorhead, Danzig and Judas Priest. Opener ‘Phatt Ass Girls’ is an in-your-face song: fast, relentless and merciless.  The other tracks too are vintage heavy metal songs with enough power to bodyslam André The Giant. ‘(Ain’t Gonna) Tear Me Down’ is probably my personal favorite but I can assure you, there’s plenty of headbanging going on.

So, if you’re into the very old school, this ep certainly deserves a spot in your collection. Are grinding guitars, neck-tormenting tempos and flashy guitar solos your thing? Well then, what are you waiting for? On the other hand, if you want the modern stuff, you might find this thing a bit too primitive, but I don’t think Brute Forcz really gives a damn about that. They just want to kick ass and rock hard, something I can only applaud…