15, 791 !!

That is the amount of miles we just traveled on our recent tour of the Balkan states. The tour covered Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. We had a great time and met some incredible people along the way. The fans were truly amazing, they love metal music and were the most vocal fans we have ever played for. We salute them for their enthusiasm, energy, love for the music and the kind hearted people that they are. We have never met a more sincere and dedicated group of people overall, and the fact they love metal music made it even better. We look forward to have another opportunity to tour the area again, and make even more new fans. Thank you again to the people of the Balkan States……Also, it was great to work with My Funeral, Zero Tolerance, Abscendent and Angry Again….Good bands, it was great to get to listen to them while being on tour with them.

I would also like to acknowledge the people of SERBIA. We played six shows there and we cannot say enough about not only the fans, but the tremendous people that live there. Everyone was kind, gracious and very helpful to us as outsiders. I was really amazed that most people there spoke English very fluently, especially the younger people. It was eye opening to see so many people speak and understand so many languages. The fans were absolutely insane and it was a pleasure to play in front of them. One last thing, the girls in Serbia were beautiful, in every town we were in. I actually thought each town was hosting a modeling school, it was that noticeable. I salute you…………SERBIA…………..